The Prayer Initiative

October and November are special months for us here in Charleston. The national spotlight will be on us once again with the Michael Slager Trial and the Dylan Roof Trial.

The families of the Mother Emmanuel Nine released a ‘sound’ that went around the world. Their act of forgiveness began a healing in the midst of racial tension. God used our city as a model, a symbol to showcase to the world the greatest gift – forgiveness.

No other city in America has done this. No other city is called “the Holy City!” The church here in Charleston, must take advantage of this great opportunity. Therefore, we are asking that the month of November be proclaimed as a special month of Prayer for all Christians, churches, businesses and families.

We are calling this prayer initiative “STIRRED UP Charleston!”

  • We will be asking all Charlestonians to pray during this month for their city.
  • We will be asking churches to hold at least one special prayer meeting during November.

The emphasis for prayer in November will focus these seven points:

  1. Humble ourselves before the Lord, and give Him praise.
  2. Pray for the strengthening and blessing of the families of the Mother Emmanuel Nine victims.
  3. Pray that God would bless Charleston and send revival.
  4. Pray for our Nation, especially in light of the new election.
  5. Pray for our government officials.
  6. Pray for individual churches.
  7. Pray for our communities.

This is a critical time for us here in Charleston to go on the offensive; a time when we can lock arms together, see the Kingdom of Heaven advance on this earth -a time to see victory!

Be Stirred Up!